Ideal setting for a day of hiking or exploration of impressive surroundings and hidden beaches, lakes and stunning nautical sports as surf, windsurf etc. (Punta de Lobos; Lipimavida; Torca; Vichuquen Lake).

Fishing activities in the lake, lagoons or at the sea enhances the contact with nature as there are natural habitats of many type of fishes (Pejerrey Chileno, Pejerrey Argentino, Lenguado, Robalo, Corvina)

Wood and clay Handcrafts and wool products can be find in nearby communities.

Birdwatching in Laguna Torca and its surroundings often grants spectacular wildlife encounters.


Horse riding is available with different wonderful trails (Alto del Puerto, Playas de Llico e Iloca)

Water sports is the main thing to do in Trilco, as Windsurf, kitesurf, wakeboard, kayak, ski, sail, surf and so on.

Many beaches invited to you to rest and enjoy the environment. Beach like Lipimavida, Duao, Illoca, Llico, Bucalemu and the beach of our project has to you.

The mountain of Vichuquen are the destiny to practice Mountainbike o ride between the woods where can find many routes.


Sourrounding Amenities


”Salar de Boyeruca”, is located in the south coast of O’ Higgins region. One of the most important natural Salt productions of.

”Lago Vichuquen” is a 40 sqm area and it is located 12 km of Trilco project. Semi salty waters provide a ideal place to practice all sort of water sports.

The ”Museo Histórico”, opened in 1991 by Carlos Cardoen Foundation. It offers an amazing archaeological collection connecting the visitors with local communities history.


“Reserva Nacional Laguna Torca”, offers a beautiful landscape of 604 hectares. An impressive amount of wildlife (almost 106 species of birds as the black neck swan) can be find.

Another attractive zone is Lipimavida which is located from 290 km of Santiago. Great beach of black sand where local people sell beautiful wool vests and papayas. In this community you can enjoy two festivals: “Las Carmenes”, which is a religion party in winter and Papaya Festival another one in Summer.